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Floral Frolic

Fashion to me is a creative form of expression and making a statement without saying even a single word. . All the time, for almost everything I draw my inspiration from nature and it is what keeps m

On particularly sunny mornings, walking across the green field and observing the nature’s glory is quite fascinating to me. With the garden state of mind, the floral trend has gone to everyone’s head this season. Inspired by nature, showcasing the fresh and colorful dress from Giovani, perfectly teaming with summer gardens and flowery meadows. The warmth of this vibrant one piece is comfortable and yet so chic. The floral print makes me feel so soft and connected to my roots. Floral prints are not just for summer brunches but also you can wear them partying and working.

These head pieces are not just for boho girls at music fests and theme party. Everyone is wearing them outdoors even while shopping. On top of that , they won’t wilt trust me .

So add more colou to your life. It time to express and shine bright. There had never been so much brightness. Trends come and go but vibrancy of the colours will be there forever. Every day is a new creation and opportunity for the resurrection. You are the one that provides the soul with the element of surrealism and magic abound.

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