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Blog Of Healthy Skin

Healthy and soft skin makes you feel beautiful. So what can you do to stay gorgeous and healthy? Tired of trying all the moisturizers and body oils? Tired of spending $100's of dollars on product whic

Ladies Don't worry the solution to your problem is easy and right front of you. Best way to stay gorgeous and have healthy skin you all need to understand the importance of SPF. Incorporate a moisturizer with SPF in your daily life. SPF Moisturizer is a triple threat: A.) Will moisturizer and give you soft skin. B.) Protect you from sun damage C.) Prevent Aging.

Stay Gorgeous and Healthy. Keep Smiling 😊

Use at least SPF 30 which gives you a good coverage and last you through out the day & if you plan to have outdoor activities all day use SPF 50. I LOVE NEUTROGENA UNLTA SHEER SUNSCREEN SPF 60 it's great and thin. (Available on Amazon) Lot of sunscreen's are sticky and thick but this lotion is lightweight and yes don't forget your lips please, lips have very thin skin I use NEUTROGENA REVITALIZING LIP BALM SHEER TINT WITH SPF 20 (Also available on Amazon). Sun damage can also lead to skin cancer, So ladies it's never to late to start.. Swap your daily moisturizer & lip with SPF in it.

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