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Lifestyle, Beauty and Fashion

For many, beauty, lifestyle and fashion may be three different facets of life. Nevertheless, for me these three are interlinked. The kind of life you lead depends on how you can take care of your bea

Once you start feeling beautiful about yourself and know yourself betteris when you are fashionable. Fashion for you should be ‘being comfortable in whatever you wear’ as long as you have the right attitude to carry it off and feel good about yourself. This comes naturally to a person who is leading a disciplined lifestyle because then you know your body type better and are able to understand what suits you the best.

To stay beautiful I follow just these simple steps in life which doesn’t actually need much of an effort. a. Drink lot of water – as this helps in detoxifying my body b. Exercise – Gives me the fitness I require c. Sleep – Having a good sleep helps me in relaxation of my mind

I definitely believe that a woman needs to follow the above routine and add this to her lifestyle to stay beautiful and fashionable as ever because we are the pillars of our families and the society.

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